What It Is

The Forest Resilience Bond is a public-private partnership that enables private capital to finance much-needed forest restoration across the western U.S.

Why You Should Care

By scaling restoration treatments, the Forest Resilience Bond can decrease the risk of severe wildfire while protecting air quality, water supply, rural communities, and habitat.

How It Works

Investors provide upfront capital with public and private beneficiaries then making contracted payments based on the water, fire, and other benefits created by the restoration activities.

How It's Different

The Forest Resilience Bond utilizes investor capital and cost-sharing among beneficiaries to redefine how society addresses environmental challenges.

How the Forest Resilience Bond Works

The Forest Resilience Bond (FRB) fosters collaboration between the public and private sectors in order to restore health to one of the world’s most precious resources.

Beneficiaries Identify a Project in Need of Funding

The FRB development team works with the US Forest Service (USFS), utilities, forest collaboratives, and other stakeholders to choose a restoration project.

Metrics of Success Are Determined

The development team collaborates with researchers and beneficiaries to determine what constitutes a successful outcome and how it will be measured.

Beneficiaries Sign Contracts

USFS, utilities, state agencies, and other beneficiaries sign contracts with the FRB to repay investors over time.

Investors Provide Upfront Capital

The development team raises funds from investors to cover upfront costs of restoration.

Implementation Partners Carry Out Restoration

USFS monitors implementation partners as they conduct restoration activities according to USFS guidelines.

Independent Evaluators Measure Success

Successfully restored acres, increased water volumes, or other metrics of success are measured and confirmed.

Beneficiaries Make Payments

Beneficiaries make contracted payments to the FRB.

Investors Are Repaid

The FRB structures payments from beneficiaries as cashflows to investors.

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FRB Report

A roadmap for collective action

Can you imagine the world without clean water and fresh air? Neither can we.

In one way or another, every single person on this planet relies on forests to survive. But forests, like many other natural resources, often do not receive the investment needed to face society's growing environmental challenges.

Private capital can and should play a role in building a more sustainable future. We just have to give investors the tools.

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